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My brother Tom with a big female walleye My brother Tom and I fertilizing eggs Walleye wagon collection team I get my turn fertilizing eggs Abby and me Mid thirtys muskie Mid thirtys pike Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee pike Pewaukee pike Pewaukee walleye Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee pike Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee pike
Fyke nets getting checked daily Walleye wagon eggs Over 4 million released this way Nice female walleye Me and Abby fishing Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee walleye Pewaukee pike Pewaukee walleye Pewaukee walleye Pewaukee walleye Pewaukee pike Pewaukee pike Pewaukee muskie

July, 2016

First of all I want to thank god for the opportunity we have in this great country. Happy Birthday America!!!!

July is here and the fishing is outstanding. With lots of trips planned and warm water time approaching sometime in late July I want to get out as much as possible before we have to take a break from muskie fishing. The heat related stress is very real and always shows it ugly side with multiple dead muskies floating around. I have seen a couple bass and muskies in late June and early July so far but the real deadly time will be here when the water turns 80 degrees and warmer. The muskie might swim away after they are released but studys show that delayed mortality is very real and deadly in 80 plus degree water. Please respect the resources and give the fish a break. Most don't understand the added stress it puts on the fish being caught in the high water temps. Look at it this way; Run around the house twice as fast as you can, then stick your head in a bucket of water and hold your breath for 1 minute. Bet you can't do it for 30 seconds. Well a fish getting unhooked, measured and a quick picture will take way longer. Yes, they need to breath and can't recooperate under these conditions. Plain and simple, give them a few weeks and the water will cool back off. Canceling guide jobs is something no guide or client wants to see or do but it has to be done to protect the fishoree we have. Being greedy has no place in my guide service and I appoligize to any of my clients who got called last week Tuesday to canceled guide jobs. Any clients affected by these cancelations will get first choices on all remaining open dates. If you were looking to get out with me sometime this year yet I would get some dates set up before I am booked up. October 20th will be my last guided trip before I head up to my cabin for some bow hunting. So look over the moon charts and prime times and get me some dates you want to fish. I will do my best to get you the best possible dates that will match up with your options.

Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee muskie Lets start out with some early July trips and just see how good the trolling bite will get. July 5th was my first guide trip since I don't guide on the 4th of July weekend. Jeff came out with me and scored a muskie and a pike the 5th of July. Jeff wanted to learn the basics of trolling and we covered multiple patterns. Catching fish was just the bonus part of this trip. The next day storms were bad in the morning and that AM trip was reschuded due to saftey issues. Later that Wednesday evening Aaron and I fished the league night 5pm to 9pm outing. This turned Pewaukee muskie 43.25 inch Pewaukee muskie out to be an awsome night. I got a 37 inch muskie the first hour and the last hour I got a 43.25 inch muskie. A bunch of muskies were caught by other anglers but my 43.25 was the biggest of the night. Biggest fish takes the pot and I was happy to pocket a big handfull of cash that night.

Pewaukee muskie Pewaukee pike We are now on the 7th of July and Jeff is back out for more action. This time he gave a graduation guide trip to a lucky friend. Both Jeff and his partner were picked up at Jeffs pier at 6am and we got rite to trolling. I explained my system again to Jeff as I set up 4 rods. We worked the breaks and open water areas loaded with perch and blue gills. I didn't write down the times we caught the fish but they got 3 muskies and a pike that morning. All 4 fish were low to Pewaukee pike mid thirtys fish that proved my patterns worked. Later that night I came out to try some new patterns myself and ended up catching a 38.5 inch muskie at 8pm. Not much of a night bite going yet so I shut it down early. Friday I couldn't fish and took the night off from fishing.

Ted Vernon's Pewaukee muskie Saturday I had the pleasure of taking Ted Vernon from South Beach Classics TV Show out for some muskie action. Ted was in town from Miami,Flordia to do an old classic car show in Delavan Wisconsin. He was the celebrity that hosted the huge car show and wanted to try his luck with the mighty muskie since he has never caught one. Well Ted was dropped off my his agent at 6AM and we hit it off great. Lots of laughs and good conversation for the first couple hours in the boat. After striking out trolling I suggested we try jigging some Bondy baits in some of my stacked areas we saw trolling. After about ten minutes I stuck a three foot muskie and tried to hand the rod to Ted. He wanted no part of that help because he wanted to do it himself. So after a hour of jigging I noticed he was getting boared with that pattern. So I suggested to try another trolling pattern since the fish are moving deeper and we had very little clouds or wind. At 10AM a rod started to sing out drag but we didn't get that fish. At just about 11AM we had another good rip with lots of line pulling out. Good fish is what I told Ted and he was all over that. After a crazy battle that drifted us into a sail boat race we landed a nice 41 inch muskie. Teds first muskie and a legal muskie(over 40 inches) was his goal. Mission accomplished and we packed up and headed in to the launch. Crazy to see two hot rod cars and a crew of people waiting for Ted to take him to the car show. His play time was over and now it's time for him to go do his job at the classic car show. Great time with Ted and a good pick of his muskie.

Pewaukee pike Ted Vernon's Pewaukee muskie After a quick trip up north to my hunting shack for grass cutting and weed control I was back in town for more muskie action. Tuesday morning the 12th of July was clam and sunny. I chose to start off jigging in the honey holes I located over the years trolling. Not ten minutes into jigging my Bondy bait I had a 39.75 inch muskie destroy my bait. What a cool feeling as this fish was crazy all the way to the net. After a quick water picture I just dropped the net and she swam away strong. Back at it and the 2nd fish came just as fast as the first one. Both fish must have been hanging in the same location because just as I got back onto my location the 2nd fish slammed my bait. This one was 38.25 on the floating stick and also very crazy fight to the boat. After a quick picture in the water and release I finished with that area and hit another only to lose two more fish before seeing them up at the top of the water. Absolutely a blast jigging these muskies off structure as they drop deeper to avoid the calm water and intence sun. After I got tired of jigging I trolled a bit to check out more areas that had muskies holding on some kind of structure. One more muskie came on a perch pattern Bagley. This fish was under 37 inches and was seen on my graph just seconds before hit hit my bait. Always good to see a fish on the graph and get it to hit the lure you have on that side of the boat.

The next day I was jacked to get back out and enjoy the action since I didn't have a guide job booked for the next two days. This was a Wednesday morning and perfect conditions. Some wind, clouds and lots of bait moving out to deeper water. I quickly slid into one of my sweet spots to try and jig up a few more muskies and it didn't take long. 39.5, 37 and a 35.75 were all caught using a Bondy bait jigging structure in the first two hours. I also lost another fish that crushed the bait but got off. 6AM to 9:30AM was hot jigging but it seemed to slow as fish slid out deeper. Time to troll some areas and get back on these fish for more action. The first fish hit trolling at 10AM and it was a good 40 inch class muskie that crushed one of my Muskie Train baits. After a quick picture at boat side I unhooked the muskie and she swam away without hesitation. An hour went by before the next trolling muskie and a mid thirtys fish was water released without netting her or touching the fish. This is best for the fish because it's low stress and zero handling in the net or hands on. Since it was league night I came back out for our 5pm to 9pm outing. I caught a mid thirtys muskie, lost a upper 30's and caught 2 big pike jigging in the 4 hours of league night. What a great day on the water Wednesday the 13th was. I caught 6 muskies, two pike and lost 4 other fish that day fishing just the mornig and evening hours.

Pewaukee walleye Sal's Pewaukee muskie Well since I was not guiding the next morning I figued it was my day to have some more fun catching fish jigging and trolling. What a weird moning it turned out to be, not a muskie jigging or trolling from 6am to noon. The only fish we caught was a 25.5 inch walleye on a Slammer crank bait trolled over the western basin. Aaron was happy to score the big walleye for a picture and quick release. Later that evening I had clients out for some muskie action. Sal got his hands on a nice 38.5 inch muskie caught trolling a crank bait after dark. This was the only muskie we caught that day after such a crazy good day yesterday. Thats fishing for ya, one day is great and then next can be very slow.

Clients first muskie Troy's Pewaukee pike Up next was two brothers and a father in law looking to get some muskie action. The first muskie was just before 7pm and we worked for that fish. The second fish was a 35 inch pike that came shortly after the muskie. The 3rd fish was just a small pike and we quickly unhooked it and got back to work. The final fish was a nice muskie that ate a Diesel crank bait just as dark was setting in. All in all it was a good trip for action and 4 fish for 3 clients. Sure hope they like Pewaukee Lake because Troy sold my old house to his brother Nate last July. Amanda, Troys wife got him a gift certificate for his birthday and he wanted his father in law to join them on this fishing Nate'sPewaukee muskie Pewaukee muskie trip. I was very happy to show them a great time on the water and teach them some trolling basics.

The next two weekend days were kind of slow. Two muskies per day with calm sunny skys Saturday and Sunday morning. Later the winds kicked up and we tried hard to get on more muskie but one 38 incher is all we could catch that night. Monday started out just like the weekend and I got a 37.5 inch muskie trolling while scouting some good holding areas for morning muskies. I couldn't stay out long Monday morning but saw some better fish setting up in the usual spots. I was quick to get another mid thirtys muskie just before I Pewaukee walleye Sal's Pewaukee muskie had to get home. By 6pm I was back on the water and ready for action. The fish were stacked up in two areas I knew well and it was easy pickings. I stuck a 39.5, 35, and 37.5-inch muskie by 11pm. I also got a 34 inch pike mixed in that 5 hour window of action. What a fun day of muskie fishing but I can see the water temperatures getting up into the upper 70's. This is the time where we have to make that call to quit fishing and let the muskies deal with the heat without causing more stress on them by catching them. Tomnorrow might just be my last day out for a while so looking for ward to fishing with my clients in the morning and for myself in the evening. Pewaukee muskie Sal's Pewaukee muskie

July 19th I had Al, Colby and his dad Jim out for some action in the morning. We started at 6AM and by 6:42 we had our first muskie in the bag. After a quick picture and release I got the rods set back up and it was big Al's turn to catch a fish. Al had to wait a while because his fish didn't hit until 8:19. Now Al and Jim both never caught a muskie before Jim's Pewaukee muskie Al's Pewaukee muskie and enjoyed the experiance. The were very interested in the quick work getting the fish unhooked, fast picture and released all in less than a minute when it all works out. Colby didn't have to wait as long for his fish because it hit shortly after 9am. Being so young I explained how I would hold the fish and all he had to do was put his hands under my hands and it looked like he was holding the fish. When kids hold fish, you take the chance they could drop them on the carpet. That is not something that I take a chance on ever. It's hard on these fish being caught in warmer water and the last thing they need is the protective slime removed from hot dry carpet. This is why I don't bring fish in the boat if I don't have Colby'sPewaukee muskie My Pewaukee muskie to. Most of my releases are done in the water and never come into my boat. Clients fish come in for a quick picture then rite back into the water. So now Jim, Al and Colby all have muskies and I asked who gets the next fish when a rod goes off? They all agreed we would each take a rod and when that rod starts screaming drag, it's that guys fish. They all picked a rod and I had the last rod not chosen. Wouldn't you know that rod was the one to go off. I grabbed the rod and offered it to each person and they all declined. With that I was happy to catch a nice 39 incher to end the trip. Later that night I snuck back out at 6pm to try some trolling into the night. The first area I worked looked so good I turned around and ran it again. This pass one of my inside rods started to rip out drag at a fast pace. I knew it was a good fish as it stayed deep all the way to the boat. After a nerve racking few minutes at 46.5 inch Pewaukee muskie My Pewaukee muskie the boat I slipped the net under her and quickly unhooked the fish and opened the hug net big and wide so I could get a water picture. As luck would have it two friends of mine were able to stop by and take a cool video of me removing the fish from the net, quick bump board measurment and release. The whole thing was less than 2 minutes from the time she was in the bag to when she was out of sight swimming back down to cooler water. A nice 46.5 inch fish to end the night and take a break for a few weeks. That Tuesday was my last time on the water as the water temperatures got into the 80 degree range on the shallow end of Pewaukee Lake and the deeper western side was 78.5 just after dark.

Again, I want to appoligize to the clients who had to be resheduled due to high water temps. We all need to learn that bad things happen to our fish during this time and we all need to give the fish a break during these few weeks where the surface water tempatures reach the 80 degree mark or hotter. So with that I want everyone to pray for cooler weather and strong east winds off Lake Michigan to cool our inland lakes so we can get back to having a blast muskie fishing. By mid August we will be back catching muskies, pike and walleyes with some bonus huge small mouth bass mixed in. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and will remember why we celibrate the 4th. Lots of people gave their all for this country and we are free to live life to the fullest. Respect our flag, do not tread on it or let anyone else. God bless you and everyone else who will stand up for this counrty.