October 28, 2002

The muskies have started to go on the fall feeding pattern. Suckers have started to be the top producers. The fishing has been slow at times and great at other times. Tuesday after work I got out for a couple hours and raised 3 muskies on a Suick but no strikes, the suckers I had out were plenty nervous with the muskies around but no takers. Wednesday I was pumped to get out and within a hour I had a 37 1/2 muskie take a sucker down from one of my bobber rigs. I quickly grabbed the rod, stuck it to her with two hard hook sets and enjoyed the fight.

This time of year the fish have plenty of fight and don't give up very easy. After releasing the fish I quickly rigged up one more sucker and sent it out, it wasn't long before a muskie grabbed that sucker also. This fish took it straight to the bottom, I set the hook and after a few head shakes it was gone. I quickly set the last sucker out and the fish hit that one also, this time I gave it a few seconds, then the fish started to move away from the boat, perfect time to set the hook. With two good hook sets the fish was on, this fish had some weight to her because she didn't give in at all. Soon the fish started the head shakes deep under the water, the hooks came free again and all I got was a chewed up sucker. This fish must have held the bait so tight that I never got a good hook set, remember you have to get the hooks to move while the fish is chomping down on you bait. This is why I set the hooks hard twice to make sure you got good hook penetration, remember the muskies mouth is mostly bone and teeth.

Friday, I had clients out in the morning and it didn't take Jim long to get a high thirties class fish to chase a Mini Power Probe to the boat but after a good look the muskie decided it wasn't a good idea to stick around. My clients also moved two more fish early that morning without a strike and no hits on suckers for some reason that morning. Friday afternoon I went back out with two friends to see if I could catch one of those lookers, the fish we spotted that morning couldn't be found. I decided to try a spot on the north shore that gets little pressure, sure enough a muskie chased my Suick to the boat then quickly retreated, I decided to try a crankbait to see if I could get one to bite, well it wasn't to long before a 40 inch muskie chased my crank up to the boat and took a swipe at it, the fish missed the bait so I brought the bait back around to the fish and it missed it again. This time she left for good, what's up with that? You win some you loose some I guess.

Saturday I took a new friend out that never used suckers before, I showed him how I use my custom quick strike rigs and placed two suckers in the water. I walked up to the front of the boat and took a cast, two pulls on my bait and the clicker went off on my sucker rod. I spun around, grabbed my rod, set the hook and caught a 35 incher. He now is a believer in suckers in the fall, I did see a 40 inch class fish take a swipe at my jerk bait about 10 feet from the boat about a half hour later but that was all the action we had that morning.

Around 10am I got a call from a friend that just netted a 44 inch muskie on a 8 inch Reef Hawg, this fish was positioned at the tip of a weed point just waiting for a easy meal. When we returned to the launch we heard some stories of muskies that hit suckers but got away, I told them I knew how it felt. With daylight savings time here there is not much time to get out after work, weekend are the only time to fish now and hopefully I can get out. Yard work and family maintenance is building up and needs attention. I hope you can get out and stick some of those muskies before the season comes to a close. Good luck to all and see you on the water!!!