September 14, 2003

Fall fishing time is here, enjoy the good weather while you can. Soon the weather will not be as pleasant, cool nights and damp mornings are not too far off. Last weeks weather was just what you could ask for; some rain, clouds and wind helped the fish get active. Pewaukee lake has been consistent for muskie action, most of the fish have been in the mid to upper 30´s with a few over 40 being reported. Lots of the fish came from trollers but the casters are finding plenty of muskie action on the weed lines. The water temperatures are now dropping to the very low 70ís and the fish are moving shallower. Soon casting and dragging a sucker will be the go to pattern.

I got out Monday with my son after work for some quality time trolling. As we were setting up the rods a muskie grabbed one of the crank baits. Mike grabbed the rod and the fight was on. A 35-inch muskie was caught and released before we ever got all the rods set. This was the start of a very good night; we caught and released two more muskies. The second fish of the night was a 37 ½ incher and the third muskie went 38 ½ inches. The only bad part of the outing was the bee sting my son got while fishing. I was pumped to get back out the next day after work, this time it took 3 hours to get a 36-inch muskie trolling. This is the time of year when both, trolling or casting could be hot. So far the trolling bite has produced more fish, but that will change very soon. It will not be long until the casting and sucker over the side of the boat method is the preferred pattern. This is a great one two punch, they follow the lure to the boat then eat the sucker. As soon as the water drops into the mid 60ís I will be doing just that.

With the falling water temps it´s time to start working the weed beds again. Early mornings and just before dark is top water time. Fish will start to get very active at this time. Jerk baits, bucktails, spinner baits, and crank baits should work for you all day. Try to work a bait on top of the weeds and one along the weed edges if you are fishing with a partner. Well itís off to Madison for the Professional Muskie Tournament Trail´s last Qualifier for me and my partner.

Madison lakes produced big numbers of fish in the tournament. Actually it set an all time record for fish produce. 68 fish were registered during tournament hours, something like 18 or 19 were bigger than 40-inches. I caught a 38 ¼ the first day, got a 44-inch and a 36-inch the second day. What a weekend, we ended up taking 2nd place and catching the biggest fish on Sunday. The winning pattern at Madison was casting top water baits over rocks and weeds. We worked the weed edges with spinner baits and Suicks to catch our fish. Most of the fish were just outside the thick weeds hanging over the scattered weeds. Weighted Suicks produced most of the action. Next itís off to Cass Lake for the PMTT championship in October.

Fishing is just going to get better as the fish start to fatten up for the winter. Fall is big fish time, donít let the opportunities slip away. Get out and enjoy one of Southeastern Wisconsinís best muskie lakes. The pleasure boaters have now started to put the boats away for the winter. The sailboat races are just about done for the year. Jet skies and wave runners are now wear they belong, in a garage. Fishermen now outnumber the recreational boaters. This is the time of year I love. Get in on the action before itís too late. If you were thinking about booking an outing do it now, the dates are almost filled up. I have a few open dates left, lets go catch some muskies. Good luck to all and I will see you on the water !!!