September 17th, 2004

The fishing this first half of September has been fantastic for the most part. My clients have enjoyed outstanding action trolling with casting after dark getting hot also. Multiple fish nights have been consistent early this month. Trolling was the hot pattern late August with some back to back three fish nights. Mostly, I enjoyed some consistent action for my clients trolling. Lately plenty of giant fish have graced my boat for pictures then released to be caught again. Saturday night the 4th of September I released a nice 49.5-inch fatty, I also caught a 38.5 and 38.25-inch to go with Joel's 44.5-inch he caught while we were out. This was a night full of action, fish were going nuts and it was great to share the night with a friend.

Sunday was good for my client John and his sons, John scored a 40-inch muskie while fishing clean up behind his sons. His fish hit a Headbanger top water bait and gave him his personal best muskie so far. His son also had a fish clobber a top water bait but no luck with the hook set. Monday I got out with my son Mikey and trolled up a 37.5-inch muskie on the north shore around 7pm, later that night I switched boat partners (school night) and Dan got to score a 38-incher casting at moon rise.

Last Thursday was a night to remember also. I was out alone looking for more spots that had active fish holding along the weeds. I fished spots close to deep water and moved along quickly looking for active fish. A 35-inch was the first followed by a 42.5-inch and topped off with a nice fat 44-inch fish well after dark.

Friday night was outstanding also; I was with Tim and Greg. We fished the same pattern as the night before and Greg was the first to score. He caught and released his personal best: a 47.5inch muskie that hit a top water bait just after dark. Congratulations Greg, what a nice fat fish and maybe a replica for his office wall. Greg also caught a 37.5-inch muskie before letting someone else catch a 34-incher. Six muskies in two outings, I would say its time to get in on this action.

Saturday night I jumped in the boat with Mark Sankey for a few hours after my sons football game. We fished top water baits over the weeds after dark. Mark scored a very nice 49 1/2-inch muskie on a Top Raider. After a couple photos he released his trophy so others could enjoy the thrill of catching a big fish. This was most likely the same fish I caught the Saturday before, since it was in the same place and at the same time.

Look for the action to improve as the water starts to slowly cool. As long as the water temperatures don't take a drastic drop the fishing will continue to be good. Lots of anglers are out trolling and casting now, please try to be respectful to each other. If trolling structure and you come up to another boat doing the same, one guy moves off the first time then the other moves off the next time around. If casting please don't cut off others when they are working a spot. As you come up to other boats on a place you want to fish, look to see which way they are working and start behind them. Maybe go to another zone first, then come back later and work your area. I have seen some cutoffs already and the casting bite has just got started. Please respect others, as you would like them to respect you.

I don't have much of a panfish or walleye report because everyone wants to go muskie fishing. I love fishing for the mighty muskie so lets go get some fall trophies. Guide dates are getting slim but I do have some openings left. Fishing from 5pm till 10pm will still be my most popular dates but I do have a few weekend dates open also. Please don't wait till the last minute to get in on the action. The weekday outings will be coming to a close at the end of October for me, due to colder water temps and lack of light after work. Weekends will be the only time I can guide and those are filling up fast.

Fall is the time for big fish and big fish is what we are getting. Trolling or casting is the options you have or maybe both. Learn the techniques and the patterns that I use to catch these fish so next time out you can put more fish in your boat. I am looking forward to getting out with more of the web site readers. Remember that learning the patterns and techniques is only half of the battle, the other half is after you set the hooks and the real battle begins. Good luck to all, see you on the water.

Sorry but this was the last report I got a chance to do. I had such a booked October tournament and guide schedule that I got behind on the reports. I am also a avid bowhunter and take my family deer hunting during the gun deer season so time was limited. November sucker bite was a good one with some 40 plus inchers. Most of the action was from just legal to almost 40-inch fish working the break lines with suckers. Some action was on weed points close to deep water but as the water temps dropped so did the fish.

This was a great season for myself and my clients. We boated just over 100 muskies with 2 fish well over the 50-inch mark. All fish were released to grow and ready for you to battle this 2005 season. I hope you enjoyed the reports and I welcome you back for the 2005 season with Mikes Extreme Guide Service.