August 23rd, 2005

I wish I could do my reports from the boat, that way I could keep up with my web site reports and my articles in the local paper.

Fishing for muskies has just been great this past few weeks. Some people trolling have stuck to the same pattern that was working for the last month and a few of us have moved into deeper water targeting suspendo's. I was out with a friend of mine on the 14th of August to try a pattern that worked a few years ago. We targeted the deeper water, looked for the bait and worked our baits just above the thermocline. Most of the bluegills and crappies were located where the wind was blowing and so were the muskies. John and I trolled 4 or 5 different kinds of crankbaits to see what they preferred that day. I found out that some were better than others but all of them caught fish during different condition. The best one was a Bagley but the Ernies, Thundersticks, Depth Raiders, and DT 16's also worked for me that last few weeks.

Ok, back to the 14th of August........John and I set out to try this deep water pattern on Sunday around 5pm while all the pleasure boaters, jet skies, wave runners and sail boats were still out. John and I trolled the 30ft and deeper water looking for suspended bait just above the thermocline. Once we located a good school of bluegills it wasn't long before my rod started to sing "the sweet sound of drag" and I was locked up with a good Pewaukee lake muskie. I worked the fish up slowly as John cleared the other lines and grabbed the net. "Nice Fish" he yelled as he scooped the 45-incher into the net. After a quick picture and a measurement she was released to fight again. Lets try that again Jonny, I said, as we laughed and noticed it was only 5:30pm. We set out the lines and laughed again while looking at the graph loaded with bait suspended down 15ft or so. I trolled back through that area and the same rod hooked up with another fish at 6pm. This one seemed bigger just by the way it stripped out line and bull dogged its way to the boat. Sure enough, it was bigger. Jonny was very happy to hold up his largest to date 46 3/4-inch muskie for a quick picture before the release. I was up next with a 43-incher just after Jonny's was released. That's 3 fish over 43-inches in 1 1/2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Well we had two more rips, one got off and the other was a 35-incher Jonny water released.

This was one of the best days this month for bigger fish but not uncommon as far as multiple fish days. Lots of two fish days but mostly at least one per trip. My last time skunked with clients was July 31st and I am looking forward to making that up too them soon. Most of the action has been the first 3 hours of the day and the last 3 hours before dark. For some reason the night bite has not go going yet. You can expect that to start very soon as well as the casting bite.

Water temps are in the mid 70's and will be there for a few weeks as long as the weather stays normal. It's nice to have the water temps back into the safe zone, I don't like it when the water gets into the high 70's or low 80's. That's where catching a muskie can be deadly for them even if you do everything you can to make the release fast. Bottom line is, if a fish is water released its by far the best way to release them if a picture is not needed. You can hold a tape or length stick over their back to get a length and use a pliers or hook cutters to pop out the hooks. First thing after netting a fish is to get the hooks out and get the fish some room to work its gills. If a picture is needed, make sure everything is out and ready before you pull the fish from the net. Then pull it out and do your work quickly and close to the water. If the fish is struggling make sure it drops into the water not the boat floor. I have seen way too many fish dropped this year in other boats as they try to take pictures of there fish. Protect our resources by helping others learn the proper release methods. Don't bitch at them as most do, try to help them and pass on the info they need to become better fishermen. Most of the problems occur because of lack of knowledge. Teaching is better than bitching. I someone nets a fish and brings it in the boat they most likely don't know any better. Explain to them that the net is a live well and a fish should remain in the water as long as it can while the hooks are being removed.

August trolling will continue to be good and only will get better as the water cools. September will be the start of the casting bite. Later in September will be big fish time but the nights will start to get shorter. October will bring even shorter night and by the end of October I will only be able to guide on the weekends. Some good dates are still available. Call or e-mail me to see if you can get in on the action. You will not need any equipment at all. I supply everything you will need for trolling, casting, or live bait fishing. All my equipment is top of the line. I have plenty of rods to choose from but mostly use G-Loomis rods and Calcutta 400's for casting. I encourage you to try my set-ups and see why G-Loomis is top of the line. If your not a G-Loomis fan I do have other rods and reels for you to try, then you can see the difference. I will let you be the judge.

Well, I think enough said........I am going out for the last 2 hours of fishing. It's almost 6pm and I know there is fish stacked up on the South shore with 4 days of a North East wind. Got to go. Good luck to all.

August 5th, 2005

The fishing continues to be outstanding. The multiply fish nights have slowed down some but there is the nights that the muskie just go nuts. I was out with my son last week and we enjoyed a 4 fish night with one lost fish in 4 hours of trolling. We boated and released fish from 34 1/2 to 38-inches that night from 6pm till 8:30pm. Two days later I was out on Friday from 5:30pm till 9pm and enjoyed a 5 fish night. Best times seem to be the early evening up to just before dark and early in the morning.

Most nights have been just a hit or two when conditions are less than favorable. I have got skunked a time or two in that last month but most times it has been very good fishing. Wind, cloud cover or rain will trigger a great night of fishing. Clear, high skies and very little wind will make it hard to catch multiple fish. Most of the time I can always seem to get at least one fish in the boat. Looking at my log books it was a very good month of July. Looking at the times out divided by the numbers of fish caught last month and that comes out to just over two fish a time out. I can live with that but would like to improve on that next year in July.

Well here is some on the water info for you. Water temps are 78 to 80 degrees this week and I am not going to fish at all this weekend. With all the hot weather the muskies have gone very deep. Most of the 40-inch and up class fish have been very hard to catch. The fish being caught have been the 30 to 36-inch fish with a few 38's and 39's mixed in. I know of a 36-inch muskie that was caught by a local guide and couldn't be released. He worked on this fish and she just died. I also heard of a 49 to 50-incher floating August 4th that must have been caught and released only to die from high heat. Remember, just because a fish swims off it still might have problems from stress and heat. Please try to do the best thing for the fishery. Some times its just best to take a few days off. The water temps will be dropping soon and I will be back out after the weekend. Some cooler nights will help get things back into the safe zone.

The big fish will start showing up as the cooler nights start to become more common. Look for some great trolling action this month. Last year was a great August with lots of 40-inch class fish being caught by my clients. I have a few big fish patterns that will be starting to produce as the water cools.

September will be the start of the great casting bite. Remember the top water action we had last year. The multiple fish 5pm till 10pm nights are coming for the people waiting to cast for the mighty musky. Bucktails, crankbaits, top water and suicks will be worked over and along the weed edges. We boated a couple 49 1/2-inchers last September along with lots of other good fish.

Don't wait till its too late to get a good date, make the call and lets set a date for you to get in on the action. Just last week I had to turn away 7 clients looking for dates to fish. Most of open dates are 3 to 4 weeks away. Please try to set a date early so you can get the prime times. Most of my regular clients will rebook just after they fish or talk about the best time that are coming up. Get one of the prime times before they are all booked up. You never know, you might get the date or dates your looking for.

August trolling will continue to be good and only will get better as the water cools. September will be the start of the casting bite. Later in September will be big fish time but the nights will start to get shorter. October will bring even shorter night and by the end of October I will only be able to guide on the weekends. Lots of good dates still available but will be filled up fast. Well enough of the rambling on, its time for a fish fry tonight with the family. Good luck to all and be safe !!!