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The 2007 Season Review

Well how can I explain in words how great of a year 2007 was. Not just for numbers but for all the accomplishments that happened in my boat this past season.

My first thought would have to be the 49-incher Scott's dad Jack caught the day after the WMT tournament was held on Pewaukee Lake. Scott's mom and dad purchased a half day of fishing birthday gift certificate to get some muskies action for their son. This guide date ended up being the day after a huge tournament and a major cold front. The water temps dropped 4 degrees and was still dropping as we set out for our guide trip. I explained to both Scott and his dad Jack that the start of the day will be very slow but as the water warms so will the fish action.

A few hours after we started we still had only a few lazy follows but the air temps were warming and the action would also increase as the temps increase. I went back to one of my Spring hot spots and reworked the sweet spot. This time we had a small muskie hit and we quickly released it. It was not long before we score another sub legal fish, a good bass was next and then Jack hooked into this 49-inch muskie. This was Jacks first muskie and it took everything he had to hang on and control the pissed off fish. Scott was quick to ask if he could net it for his dad, I was slow to agree but it was his dad and it was his trip. Scott did a great head first net job and the joy on his face and his dads was something I will remember from 2007. Father/son memories last forever, I was glad to be part of that.

My yearly vacation was also one that will be remembered. My partner Randy and I got two huge fish in just 8 hours. I started it off with a mid thirty pound fish that went just over 50-inches and fought like a mule. This fish hit a Llungen Reefer bucktail in the dark and was bad to the bone all the way to the boat. Randy followed my fish up with his 49-inch thirty pounder just after sunrise that morning. Back to back thirty pound class fish on the first day of our vacation was a dream start. The vacation was outstanding with quality fish being boated by us and our other partners.

After I got back to fishing and guiding on Pewaukee I was quick to get my next 2007 memory. I was out with Owen Hill and his grandson Riley. Being part of this was my pleasure because Riley was only 9 years old and his grandfather just loved every part of this experiance. We trolled for about an hour before we contacted the first fish, a 38-inch muskie that put up a great fight. Riley had all he could handle with this fish but I assured him everything would be fine if he just kept at it and showed this fish who was boss. After a good picture for the memories we released his first muskie and I quickly started to set up the lines again. Before I could get all the rods in we had a fish stripping line. "Fish On" I yelled and Riley was quick to grab the rod again. This time it was a 40-inch pike that Riley caught and chose to released after a quick picture. About a half hour later Riley got to catch his third fish, mid thirty's muskie that gave Riley a good battle. Owen and Riley called it a day after that fish because they both had a early start to the day with soccer and I think they both had enough work and excitement for the day. Less than three hours of fishing but so many smiles and memories. I love my job.

My best day of fishing in 2007 had to be the day a friend and I caught 10 muskies, some good sized pike, a few bass in the two to three pound range and a huge 6lb plus Smallmouth bass that shook off at the boat. This was a rainy mid morning to early afternoon fishing trip in August, the dog days of August as some say but I can tell you different. August can be some of the best fishing of the year because the water temps are high and the action is fast and often. I will remember all that action in one afternoon on a day we didn't even start early or stay out for the best action at sunset. Heck, I was home for supper that day because I promised I would be. That was hard to do, trust me on that one.

September memories were multiple fish trolling outings. The one that sticks out the most was the donated trip Stan and Scott got by winning the bidding war on MuskieFirst for this full day outing on Pewaukee Lake. Stan and his son Scott caught and released 5 muskies but we also lost three other fish that were hooked that day. One of them flattened out the 2x strong hooks on my crank bait. That was one strong fish to do that to a treble hook, I sure would have liked to see that fish.

October was the outstanding action we got all month on the new DC9 Llungen bucktail. I got a few of them from Keith to test out since they were only prototype blades. I can tell you after many multiple fish afternoons and nights that the DC9 is the real deal. The third week of October I had two clients out casting and dragging suckers, all of the action was on the bucktails. Now that is unusual because the sucker, jerkbait, glider bite is the ticket at this time of year. Well I am telling you the DC9 and DC10's were the ticket. I had 17 fish boated in 11 trips on those bucktails. I am a believer and you should be too.

November was my time to deer hunt. I shot my best bowhunting buck this early November, a nice big thick wide 10-pointer that scored 152 and some change P&Y. With a dressed weight of 215 he was a true trophy.

I ended my muskie fishing season with a friend of mine fishing the last day of the season on Pewaukee Lake in the brutal cold and wind. I felt lucky to score a 37-inch fish at the last hour of daylight to end the 2007 season. What a great year and 2008 is only going to be better. This coming season I can only see more quality and quantity coming to my boat. The fish numbers are up and so is my knowledge of how to catch them all season long. Spring to Fall I have patterns for them all.

Look out 2008, Mike's Extreme Guide Service is going to be on the water even more than last year. The question is: Are you going to be part of it? Let this new 2008 season be one of your best seasons. I would love to help you learn some of the patterns and tricks I use all season long to put those hard to catch muskies into your net and on film.