Awards banquet Pewaukee Muskie Classic, 2nd place award One of three small mouth bass, 19-inch Second 19-inch small mouth Solo release muskie picture My daughter and her 3rd muskie of 2008 My daughter and her 4rd muskie of 2008 My daughter and her 5th muskie of 2008 Another picture of a muskie about to be water released Another picture while solo One of ten muskies on 7-30-08 Bonus pike Ben scores a ski Bonus pike Scott's 37-inch muskie Another muskie for Scott A nice 19-inch Smallmouth for Scott A nice 20-inch walleye Zach scores another Zack gets his first muskie

Zach is getting into this too Now I am having fun

Dad wins again How come my dads are always bigger?

How many did we catch? A nice 19-inch walleye Paul's big fish of the trip Laura's first muskie Ron's new personal best Jonny's first muskie Bill and Sam with a 36-inch muskie Bill's muskie Sam with his 4th muskie out of the 6 fish caught Adam catches a quality deep water muskie Craig get his fish 42-inch Pewaukee muskie, the biggest of 13 caught that day 40-inch Pewaukee Lake muskie Stans 3rd muskie Marvin's 38-inch muskie Marvin's 36-inch muskie Pete's first Pewaukee muskie Pete's second Pewaukee muskie Stu's 39-inch Pewaukee Lake muskie Jay's 41-inch Pewaukee Lake muskie Kent's Pewaukee Lake muskie Pete's Pewaukee Lake muskie Pete scores a good one Ricky scores!

The 2008 Season Review

All I can say is "WOW" what a great year for me, family, friends and clients. 178 muskies were hooked and landed in 2008 with Mike's Extreme Guide Service. Is it possible to break the 200 muskie mark in 2009? Lets hope so with some great weather and no flooding.

I think back to all the muskies, clients and special outings I had in 2008 and one just stands out for many reasons. Paul and Zach Olah were the winners of MYHUNTINGPAGE.COM's Grand Prize(A Weekend with Mike's Extreme Guide Service). This was the big prize being drawn from thousands and thousands of entry's from 7 different states Deer and Turkey Expo's.

Few things are better than seeing a father and son spending quality time with each other doing something they both enjoy. A weekend fishing trip with Mike's Extreme Guide Service in Southeastern Wisconsin was won by a father and son through the website "". Paul and son Zach from Ohio came up to enjoy a weekend to remember out on the water with Mike Koepp (aka The Extreme One). They arrived with high hopes of a great muskie fishing experience and hoped that they could each catch one, a couple each would really make the trip worth it. After meeting at the launch at 9 am and quickly getting down to business they came to realize after the first couple hours out on the water that there high hopes had become a reality. Each had already caught a muskie, both in the low 30's. Throughout this sunny, breezy, beautiful day on the water 5 more muskies were caught and released by the Ohio boys. As we finished up at the end of the day Saturday evening we joked and laughed about the days accomplishments how great it was to catch 7 muskies in one day. We discussed an earlier start for Sunday morning after a good nights sleep and with that we were off at dark to rest up for their second half of the weekend guided grand prize give away out on the water.

At 7 am Sunday morning we met up at Smokey's Muskie Shop and were all eager to get back out on the water since Saturdays bite was very productive and already had meet their expectations of a great trip. By 7:30am Paul was fighting his first muskie of that morning and the 8th of their trip. How sweet it is to have a dream trip come to reality. By 8am Zach was into his first muskie of Sunday morning, a feisty low thirty's muskie with an attitude. Throughout Sunday Paul and his son enjoyed unbelievable success, 10 muskies and one nice 19-inch walleye came into the boat for a quick pictures. All the musky's were released to be re caught again but the walleye ended up being my Sunday night dinner.

I can't be more pleased with how this Grand Prize give away went for Paul(aka POGO), his son Zach and especially Kent (aka BIG SHOT) owner and operator of one of the latest and hottest websites for outdoor enthusiast today. I can tell you that I was extremely happy to be a part of this with them. Two down to earth good ol boys from Ohio enjoying a great weekend of muskie fishing with Mike's Extreme Guide Service. In summary the 17 muskies they caught ranged from 26-inch to 44.25-inch. The largest one was just over 25lbs and caught by Paul, only fitting since he won the trip, but his son Zach got to catch one more muskie than his dad and the walleye. I can assume both were very pleased with the outcome of this free dream trip from A big thank you from Mike's Extreme Guide Service to Kent for letting me be part of this father/son experience, this was a weekend I will remember for a long time.

Thinking back I remember quite a few outstanding dates. The 4th of August was a very good night with a 31, 40, 38.5, 36, 32, 31, and a 34-inch to top off a 5pm to 8:30pm fish frenzy. That afternoon outing was a perfect night with ideal conditions that had the fish feeding hard core. Besides the 7 fish that did make it to the net two others got off. That is some outstanding muskie action for under 4 hours of fishing. The best day I had was 16 hits with 13 fish being caught on Saturday the 23rd of August. Here is the fish sizes in order from largest to smallest(42, 41, 38, 35.5, 34.5, 34, 33, 33, 32.5, 32.5, 32, 31.5, 31-inch). Actually the whole month was very good, some days were tough but we always found a way to boat a muskie or two before the outing was over. 60 muskies over 30-inches in 17 trips with 5 bonus walleyes and a few pike was the count as I look at my records.

Another good trip was Bill Rupp and his son. Bill was the winning bidder on my donated half day trip at the Milwaukee Chapter Muskies Inc banquet. The third week of August was about the time they got out with me. Within the first half hour on the water Bills son got a nice 37-inch muskie. Nice fish for a kid only being 10 years old. Bill and his son ended up catching 5 more muskies by the end of the half day trip. 4 by his son and two himself. What a great father son outing. You can look for the pictures on the sides of this text. Some have Bill and his son and some are just his son holding his fish. What a treat that was to be part of that outing. Bill has an orange shirt with yellow hat on and his son has a red shirt with a green hat on.

Looking back through all the pictures I can't help but think of all the time we missed when the lake was closed due to the floods. I see 5 weeks of closed time on the water. I did get to sneak out and fish without the use of a motor because the rule of "no motor use" was enforced that whole time. "Trolling Motor Only" was the rule we had to follow those weeks. The other bad part of that flood was the amount of fish we lost down the river. The DNR estimated hundreds of muskies went down the river along with thousands of other fish. I know there was hundreds, make that thousands of carp getting removed from the streets, parking lots, sidewalks and the lawns of down town Pewaukee for weeks. I can't even imagine how many fish left the lake never to come back into it because of the dam. I will be working with my Muskies Inc Club and the DNR to see if we can recover some of the lost fish this Spring when they come back up the river. Most of the muskies that have not went over the Waukesha Dam will be back up the river this Spring. Every year there is 30 to 40 muskies that make the run up to the Pewaukee Lake Dam. You can see them around mid April at the start of the river. This year I will bet my last buck that the Spring muskie run will produce 60 to maybe 100 muskies. I will be watching the progress and the numbers of fish to see if some of them could be netted and put back into Pewaukee Lake where they came from. Most of these fish are in the mid thirty's to mid forty's but the occasional 50 plus incher is common every Spring. Snagging is one issue that always comes up at this time. Most of the fish are not feeding but spawning so they don't get very active toward lures. I would bet most are caught by foul hooking at this time of the season. Just look around at all the fish and you can see lures and scars in their backs. I counted six fish with lures stuck in them one day last Spring.

All in all Pewaukee Lake still has a huge number of muskies in it. I had a record year as far as numbers even though we lost so many fish. I have to tell you that the numbers of 32 to 36-inch fish in Pewaukee is by far the most I have ever seen in all the years I have fished. Now maybe it's because I am just getting dialed into all the best patterns or because the 2000 year class stocking of 5000 fingerlings has grown up to be a huge year class that we will be enjoying for the next six to ten years before they live out their lives. I know the more times a fish is caught the shorter the life of that fish. That maybe argued by some but I have seen enough evidence and study's of delayed mortality to know it doesn't help the fishes life span by being caught. With proper catch and release we increase those chances for each fish to survive. Water releases are by far the best release because the fish doesn't ever come out of the water. It's slime coat will be protected and that will keep the fish health. A quick picture will not hurt a fish if it's done fast and supported. Vertical holds are a thing of the past, nothing is good about them. Please try and teach others the proper ways to handle a fish. Offer assistance to someone who looks like they could use a hand. Cut hooks when the lure is in deep and wrapped up in the net. Hooks are cheap, releases go way quicker. Remember to take a breath when you take the fish out of the water, when you need air so does the fish. All of these tips I will be glad to share with anyone. Drop me an e-mail and I will take the time to share the info I have learned in the thirty some years of muskie fishing.

As of the first week in January I have been booking dates for clients. Because I have a full time job besides this full time guide business I have to wait for the 2009 company calendar to be released before I can book the 2009 season. It's now January 2009 and I am booking dates. Please feel free to e-mail me or call me to discuss possible dates you want. Prime times like the best moon phases fill up quick. Repeat clients know this and book repeat trips early every year. I have great patterns that work from Spring to Fall. After 35 years of muskie fishing on Pewaukee I have fished longer than any of the muskies have lived. Fish are patternable all season long. You just have to be on the water long enough to learn these patterns. Knowing what works and when will make the average muskie angler a very consistent producer. Catching muskies is the name of the game. It also gives you more confidence when your fishing and that leads to even more fish. Once you get that PMA(Positive Muskie Attitude) going it will keep you in the zone. I hope 2009 is your year. I know I will do everything I can to help everyone reach that next goal, that bigger fish, the most in a year, or your first muskie. What ever your looking to improve on I will be glad to share my knowledge with you to increase your production on the water.

Please take some time to look around my site. There is a lot here to see and read. If you on the edge about booking a guide date check out what some of my clients have sent me to add to my "TESTIMONIALS" link on my website. I started this link in 2007 and every year I add a few more when I get them. Please feel free to add to them by sending me an e-mail and I will upload them to my site.

All of these pictures on either side of this text your reading are from the 2008 season. Not all fish get thier pictures taken but the ones that do I will share with everyone on my site. I also added twenty or so more pictures to my "PHOTOS" link page. The higher the page number the more recent it is. Pictures pages 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35 are all from this year. I would like to add more but I am limiting the amount of pictures I add each season.

2009 is going to be a great year on Pewaukee Lake. Are you going to be part of it with me?