Pewaukee Classic fish. One of 4 boated Just a quick pliers twist and she was free Lots of these hitting muskie baits lately How big was the fish that tried to eat this pike? A scrappy Pewaukee musky Dr B with a Pewaukee musky Mr Clayton's first legal Water shot of a 38.5 inch muskie Fourth muskie of the day John with his 38-inch Pewaukee musky Top Water 39 inch musky Adam's 40 inch musky Mikie's 37 inch casting musky JT's three footer musky JT gets his second Nice Pewaukee muskie Let em go-let em grow My 44 inch Pewaukee musky Dave shares his 42-inch ski with his dad and son Pete's first Pewaukee musky Pete's second Pewaukee musky Mike's Pewaukee musky Erik's Pewaukee musky Joe's 24-inch released Pewaukee walleye Corey's second Pewaukee musky My 25 inch Pewaukee walleye Ross's son's 37.5 inch ski Trolling 34-inch muskie Steve's Pewaukee muskie Kevin's casting muskie Kevin's trolling smallmouth Dena's second trolling muskie Adam's trolling muskie Shawn's trolling muskie Steve's trolling muskie Sue's first trolling muskie of the night Sue's second trolling muskie 42.5 -inch PJ scores a nice Pewaukee Lake walleye Pewaukee Lake 39-inch muskie head Pewaukee Lake three footer Kevin with his casting muskie 38.5-inch DC9 muskie hit at the boat A 36.5 inch muskie that hit my DC9 boatside

Justin's muskie caught trolling after dark The first of 4 muskie that trip Mark scores the biggest of the 4 fish that trip at night casting Rich with his second fish casting the DC9 on Pewaukee Darrell second muskie casting DC9 bucktail on Pewaukee Steve scores his musky trolling on Pewaukee Randy scores a 40-inch class Pewaukee musky Dan with one of 5 we caught on Pewaukee Another sucker muskie for Dan on Pewaukee First hour of a tournament, doubled and done My 3rd of the day on Pewaukee One of three muskies for me Mike gets a fat 41-inch Pewaukee musky

The 2009 Season Review

I can't believe all the muskies, walleyes, bass and pike that were caught and released by clients, friends and family this past season. My records show over 200 muskies, piles of walleyes, lots of largemouth and smallmouth bass and even some quality pike. It is so encouraging going into the 2010 season that almost all of these fish are still alive and even bigger. The male muskies will average 33 to 36 inches this season. The female muskies will average 37 to 41-inches. Those are the average sizes today of the muskies that were stocked in 2000. The male walleyes will be 19 to 22-inches with the females 24 to 28-inches this 2010 season. Now that is a very nice average for both the muskies and walleyes. This year class is by far the best Pewaukee Lake has ever seen. For some reason the stocked muskies and walleyes just thrived since that stocking. I am so excited to get this year started the 1st of May. This is going to be a great year on Pewaukee Lake. It's going to be hard to fish the other lakes with all the big muskies we have now and the 2000 year class fish growing up to respectable fish. Just think about how good Pewaukee will be in a few more years when the average muskie will be in the mid to upper 40's and trophy walleyes pushing 30-inches.

I am looking back at some of the this past years reports and their is so many good days on the water. I will try and pick some of the highlights of this past season and add them here for the 2009 season review. I guess the Opening Weekend was one day and a half that stands out as a great start to the new season. "Joel and I started out casting just after first light on Saturday morning the 2nd of May. Joel got the first muskie at 6:30am, I got my first at 7:15am, my second one was at 9am, his second one was at 3pm and my 3rd fish was the next day at noon on Sunday. All in all we had over 50 follows and caught 5 muskies by noon on Sunday. Now that's a good opener!!!"

This was the May 9th report "I fished the 25 Annual Pewaukee Classic with my two kids. Tourney hours were 6:30 to 3:30pm. 70 people entered and headed out in the pouring rain to try and catch muskies. My kids were up and ready to go until they walked into the garage and saw the cold rain pouring down from the black clouds. I assured them that the rain was going to stop and I would have them on muskies. Both of those promises came true by 8am because by then I had three muskies in the boat and the rain ended. Another muskie and a few bass rounded out the morning but with a wind change that was it for a few more hours. The Northeast wind slowed and switched to a Northwest wind around noon. When that happened the action died. Around 2pm the action picked up again with a low thirty's muskie slamming a minnow bait. Another bass and a pike also slammed the minnow baits we were working over rocks and gravel areas. 3:30pm came we were off to the tournament awards to fill up on the catered meal, try our luck on raffles and see who all caught fish. 7 fish were caught in the 25 Annual Pewaukee Classic. There was a tie on the 36.5 biggest fish. The fish caught were 36.5, 36.5, 34.5, 33, 32, 31.5 and a 30.25. What they did was give the first 36.5 the 2nd place trophy, the second 36.5 the third place trophy, the 31.5 got an honorable mention since they only handed out trophy's for the top three places. The 34.5, 33, 32, 30.25 were caught by me and I thought I was going to get third place. What a nice surprise to see the first place trophy go to myself for catching four muskies over thirty inches. Muskies Inc rules are 30-inch muskies are record able fish. What a cool day on the water for me 5 muskies, six bass and a pike. My kids and I raised a bunch of muskies but they didn't get any to eat, guess I had the hot stick that day."

This is one of the better days in June "Monday the 29th was way better than I could have hoped for. I started around noon working the weeds on the west half of Pewaukee Lake looking for active muskies and that's what I found. A low thirty's musky smashed my prop wash crank bait and drag screamed rip, rip, rip. A fast water release and I was back scouting until I was interrupted by the sound of drag again. This time it was a little better fish that hit the inside rod trolled just off the weed edge. Another quick reach over the boat and unhook the fish while it's still in the water. Water release means not even netting or touching the fish. Water releases are by far the best for the fish. So now it's mid afternoon and I am getting dialed into this weed line bite so I moved to the windy side and stuck a 34, 36 and 37-inch in the next two hours. Thinking this was just what I needed after a slow Canada trip I moved to another spot where the conditions were perfect. Rip, rip, rip, the rod bends and drag screams. Now I am excited because this could be Mr Big. Well it turned out to be a nice 40-inch class fish and that was just fine. A friend of mine was close by so he took a quick picture for me. It's hard to get a good picture by yourself most of the time. What a day so far but the boats are starting to showing up all over the lake. Now it's after 5pm and I am pumped to get another fish but with people out casting I don't have the pleasure of running down the weed lines. I checked a couple spots and one was clear of boats. Working down wind I set up three lines and watched my Humminbird 1197SI side image unit to keep just 20 to 30 feet off the weed edge. I worked almost the whole area before a 38-incher ate the outside deep rod. SWEET, my 7th muskie of the day. I took a water shot of her and cut the hook so she could swim free. Not wanting to quit I set up on another wind blown weed line and trolled down the edge. This time it was the prop wash rod again. This upper thirty's fish came straight out of the water and stripped off a bunch of line before I could even get the rod out of the holder. Soon that fish was released and I was back at it working to get one more. Another 38 plus inch weed line muskie to finish off the night at 8pm was so welcome. I got a fast picture using the delay on my camera and back she went to grow up to make someone else's day. 9 muskies while getting my weed line trolling patterns dialed in was a great day on the water. I could only think of how good that day could have been with clients and more than 3 rods in the water.

July was a very good month with a lot of great days on the water. Adam and Pete had one of the better half days that month with 5 muskies. "Adam and Pete were out with me Saturday morning the 25th of July. I started them off casting the weed lines with big buck tails at first light. They both got the hang of it before long and I started to cast from the back of the boat while watching them work the first water from the front of the boat. I had a nice 41-inch muskie follow my bucktail in and I demonstrated the proper way to get a following fish to react, not just follow. Speed is the ticket to get following fish to hit, I stressed. I worked this fish into the first turn low, brought it up high into the second turn and quickly moved the bait away from the fish. By doing this the fish has to react or go hungry. Most of the time they will speed up and crush the lure, which is what this 41-inch muskie did as I explained what I was doing. Very cool to have the fish do exactly what I said it would do. Remember these fish are predators, triggering their reactions will get you more strikes, trust me on that. Ok, after a few more spots they were getting tired and asked me about the trolling bite. I can't remember who started off catching the first trolling fish but once the dust settled they each got to battle two muskies for a grand total of 5 muskies in 5 hours of fishing on a busy Saturday morning." Another memorable trip was this one "In mid July I had Dave, his son and his father out for some trolling. I told them trolling could be slow due to the conditions but with some extra effort we should get one or two. I used the first hour explaining the basics and working with Dave's almost 5 year old son how to use the reel. Dave and I laughed as he started to get the hang of it. Before long Dave and his son were doing it for real when a 37 1/2 inch muskie smashed on of my crank baits trolled around one of the under water points on the north shore of Pewaukee Lake. After a very cool father/son tag team effort, the fish was netted and a picture taken to preserve this memory forever. After we released the fish Dave told me his dad and himself had never caught a muskie before. So this 4 year old boy had to start things out being the first muskie man of the family. Dave got his first muskie a few hours later when a 42 1/2-inch ski hammered a Bagley crank bait trolled over a flat loaded with bait fish. I tried as hard as I could to get grandpa a muskie but it was not meant to be that trip, maybe next time."

August was great trolling for muskies and walleyes. The walleyes this past year ranged from 22 to 25 inches trolling. Trolling and casting was outstanding for muskies this 2009 season. This was the first time in all my years of fishing Pewaukee Lake that the casting bite was great all season long. Typically August is a great trolling month but we caught lots of fish casting and had some real big fish working weed lines in August. Looking back I see a lots of multiple fish trips. Also bonus walleyes and smallmouth bass caught trolling for muskies. Looking back at my notes I see we had a half a dozen upper 40-inch class muskies located but didn't get any of them in the boat for pictures. August was also a month of big fish lost. I can think of three huge fish that got off before I got to net them. Two were over 50-inches and the other was high 40's. Adam's August guide trip is one of the half day trips that is still very vivid in my mind. "Friday was Adams day to try muskie fishing for the first time ever. We met at the launch at 5pm and headed out to my hot weed bed. I started a ways down from the hot spot to get Adam used to casting a bait casting set up. After some work he was doing ok and I eased us into the sweet spot. Adam was up front getting first water and I was in the back of the boat backing him up. We didn't cast for more than ten minutes and I had a absolute monster muskie inhale my Lungen bucktail. I set the hooks as hard as I could because it was still a good distance from the boat. As she got closer I realized this was a 50-inch class fish. Within seconds after the first hook set she was turned perfect for another good hook set. I set it hard and she took off to deep water stripping drag like no other fish I have caught casting. I took this opportunity to hand off the rod to my client and told him to keep the rod bent and reel when he could. I went to the back of the boat and got on the trolling motor to keep us close to the fish. We followed her out to 21 FOW and she just kept on the bottom. I explained to Adam that this was a fish of a life time for some and for it to be his first was amazing. Adam kept good tension on the fish and she was starting to give in and come off the bottom. As she started to give in Adam was reeling so I reached for the net. As I turned around to get ready Adam looked at me and said "she is gone". He said a bunch of head shakes and the lure just came free. What a heart breaker for me and Adam. After that we got back to casting and was it hot that night. I had a 47 to 48-inch fish miss my bait twice on the boat side oval. Adam got a 39-inch muskie to eat his DC9 and the fight was on. After the net job I explained all the details of a good release. A quick picture and Adam released his first muskie. We moved to another hot spot and Adam quickly had a big fish up, I asked him how big and he said it was bigger than the 48 I had chasing my lure before he got his 39. WOW, was that some good big fish action in two hours of casting. 7 muskies following with 2 over 47-inches, a 50 plus lost and a 39 caught. Now it's dark and Adam wanted to try the trolling thing so the 6 pack was set up and we were ready for action. It was not long before a muskie took one of my crank baits and started to strip line from a reel. Adam was excited to get his second muskie of the night but it was also the last. Two muskies and some outstanding casting action was enough to spark the muskie fire in his heart. Adam was a great student and hopefully took in everything I taught him in this 5 hour trip. From learning how to cast to releasing two muskies is a large step into the muskie fishing world.

September was outstanding trolling and also a very good casting month. I can remember a few couple good trips I will add. The first one was with three Callies brothers. "Now it's Friday night and my job is to take out the Callies sons. They got an early Christmas present from their mom and dad who they gave a gift anniversary(guide trip)present to last month. Mike Callies is also my son's teacher so I need to get him some fish for sure. I started the boys out on my hot spot casting the Lungen Tails and some top water. Mark was the hot stick in the front of the boat with three muskies following his bait to the boat. Mike was the first to score and he did it at the boat with a perfect boat side oval. Now Mark had the hot stick but Mike was first to catch one so the brother competition was getting rolling between the two older brothers. Ten minutes later Mike scores again, this time it was out from the boat so I had time to get the net ready. After some boat side antics I scooped Mike's second muskie into the net for a quick picture. After releasing the muskie I kept the boat in that hot area slowly drifting along some huge pond weed piles way out from shore. I have them all marked on my GPS so it's easy to keep a drift close to them but not into them. "Fish On" I hear as Mike set the hooks into his third Pewaukee Lake muskie. How sweet it is to see a guy triple up between two of his brothers. Now we got some smack talk going on at this point but the little brother Rick who is stuck in the back is still fish less. I assured Rick that the back is not all that bad. I tripled up just earlier that week with the same lure he was using from the back of the boat. So it's a bunch of follows and three muskies for Mike. I usually start to troll after dark but they assured me they could do fine casting. I explained to them casting after dark can produce some big fish but trolling will usually get more numbers. They opted for the casting to try and score a big fish. I took them to my top 5 spots and Mark came up with the big fish of the night. I had a blast guiding these guys and listening to all the smack talk going on while they fished. Congratulations on a three fish night Mike and kudos to Mark for catching a 40-inch plus muskie to get big fish of the night." The next trip I will share was three more brothers. Eric hired me to take his brother Jim and Randy muskie fishing. "Saturday morning I launched the boat as the morning light was just cracking, drove over to Eric's house to pick him up along with his son and two brothers. We started out in my hot spots and had a fish hit a Manta glide bait within the first half hour of casting. I watched the fish tail dance with only two feet of line out since it hit at the boat. By the time I grabbed the net at my feet and lunged to the front of the boat the fish was off. It's hard to get a good hook set sometimes when the fish hits and scares the crap out of you, LOL. A few more follows and I suggested to go over to another spot that is also loaded up with muskies. I set out the sucker rods and my clients got back to work casting again. Multiple follows finally gave way to a 40-inch muskie that smashed a sucker hanging over the side of the boat. Randy was quick to grab the rod and set the hooks hard to make sure the fish could not shake off. This fish took off under the boat and gave Randy all he could handle to get it back out from under the boat. A wild fight ended when Randy got the fish to the boat close enough for me to scoop her into the waiting Frabil. Randy was quite excited with his personal best muskie and I could tell. After a few good pictures we released the fish so it could be caught again. Now the boys were all pumped and they got back to work casting various lures looking for that next hit. I explained that we were now in the middle of a prime time major and chance of another fish were very good. I watched a huge muskie come up and crush a sucker at my feet ten minutes after we released the last one. I grabbed the rod and handed it off to Jim. He set the hooks into this brute and the fight was on. I saw how big she was but didn't want to mention it and get Jim too excited. I knew he had his hands full with this fish. This was a good fish I told them as everyone was waiting to see the fish as she was getting close to the boat again. Finally the muskie came up and we all got a good look at her before she took off again. After a good hard battle I got the net under her and we all exchanged high fives to celebrate a great catch. A few quick quality pictures were taken and Jim let his trophy 47-inch muskie go to battle someone else another day. What a cool morning for Eric and his visiting brothers Jim and Randy from PA. I bet they will remember this morning for years to come"

Thinking back on how this year went after going through all these fish I am amazed at how the patterns change from deep to shallow, casting to trolling. Nothing is exactly the same from month to month or even week to week. All this does is make every day more interesting and fun figuring out what's going to work best that given day. Even with being out all the time it is still hard some days to put fish in the boat. I know of less than a hand full of times I have not got a muskie to a client this season. Remember these fish are not the easiest of game fish to catch. I do pride myself in being a very hard working guide that always keeps my clients first. I always will put you in the front of my boat. You will always get offered the rod if I hook into a fish while casting. And most important I am always very honest about the bite even if it's not good news at the time. Every day is a new day on the water you can never rule out catching a muskie or bunch of them. Just the same you can never be assured to get a muskie every time out but I will do everything in my power to put fish in the boat for you. Casting or trolling, day or night I will make sure you are on fish and we will be working the best possible patterns for the situation we are in. Weather is a major factor on the water, that's the one thing I can't control. Bad, good or great days on the water are still better than not getting out at all.